Rental Terms & Conditions

Customer is 100% responsible for any and all damages to the portable toilet.
Customer is responsible for the portable toilet from the delivery date to their departure date.

Order Confirmation
Customer will receive confirmation of their reservation once it is reviewed.

When the toilet is delivered you pay the driver in cash.

If chosen, cleanings will be performed on requested day, but we can not guarantee a time, it could be morning, noon or night. If the cleaning of your rental was initialed by the driver and the renter does not call by 10pm that day to dispute any cleaning was done, there will be a charge to clean the toilet.

Drop Off
When you arrive at the festival please call us when you get to the gate to let us know that you are there. We have several toilets going out and it takes a while to get to your site. Toilets get delivered in the order the calls come in. We will deliver toilets until dusk if for some reason we do not get them all delivered or your arrival is too late in the day we will continue where we left off the following day.

Tipped Over Toilets
If anything such as weather, etc. causes the toilet to be blown or tipped over there will be a cleaning charge of at least $20 to have the toilet cleaned, recharged and stood back up.